Razer Chroma SDK  v3.2
Razer Chroma SDK REST Documentation


This document describes the REST API (Application Programming Interface) and the core components that are required to develop and run a Chroma-enabled application.


The Chroma SDK RESTful server has the following URI http://localhost:54235/razer/chromasdk and https://chromasdk.io:54236/razer/chromasdk . Send a POST with the application information to this URI to get an instance URI. Send a GET will return the current Chroma SDK version that is present in the system.

Keeping the connection alive

The Chroma SDK RESTful server has a default time out of 15 secs for each connections. The client must maintain the connection by sending commands to the server within this time out value, if not the server will close the connection. For example sending PUT periodically (1s) to http://localhost:123456/chromasdk/heartbeat .