Razer Chroma SDK  v3.3
Razer Chroma SDK C++ Documentation


This document describes the C/C++ API (Application Programming Interface) and the core components that are required to develop and run a Chroma-enabled application.

Before running your application, make sure ChromaAppInfo.xml has all the fields filled with the necessary information. It is mandatory that this file is to be deployed to the end user, and to be placed in the same directory as your application.


The Chroma SDK adopts a dynamic loading mechanism to it's C/C++ interface. Use LoadLibrary() to load the SDK component into the target's process space and GetProcAddress() to retrieve the address of the exported APIs. The exported APIs are defined in here. Data types and definition can be found in RzChromaSDKTypes.h.

Header files can be found in the Sample Application.


Install "CHROMA CONNECT" from Synapse 3 "MODULE" tab. Chroma SDK components will be downloaded automatically.


Chroma SDK components can be removed from the "MODULE" tab in Synapse 3. Click on the [x] button at the top right hand corner of the "CHROMA CONNECT" module.